Copper / tracks / stackup

Copper is a basic element of the printed circuit. It allows the transmission of signals and / or electrical power.

The core process of the PCB manufacturer is to "work" copper:

. Remove copper by etching, and thus obtain the drawing of the tracks and ground plans.
. Add copper by metallization process, and obtain the final thickness of the tracks and planes, the metallization of the holes (PTH), the metallization of the edges ...

The production tool of the PCB manufacturer will determine its capacities to obtain :

. +/- thin or wide tracks with +/- tight tolerances. We are talking about etching class.
. +/- thin or thick tracks with +/- tight tolerances. We are talking about finished copper thickness.

The capabilities of our production tool are detailed in this section "copper / tracks / stackup". Taili-PCB online configurator offers different thicknesses depending on the PCB ranges:


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