Flexible PCBs (commonly called FLEX) allow the interconnection of several cards.

They also make it possible to introduce electronics into places where a rigid PCB cannot be housed.

These are thin and light circuits whose shape can adapt easily but also with great resistance to vibrations.

We find more and more this type of circuit in so-called "high tech" products.

In this type of PCB,Polyimideis used as base material.

Polyimide - Available thicknesses:

12 µm
25 µm (standard)

. Copper - Finished copper thicknesses available:

Flex 1 layer: 18 µm (standard) or 35 µm
Flex 2 layers:25 µm (standard) or 45 µm

. Stiffeners - You can add/configure one or more stiffeners on the Flex. This is intended to mechanically reinforce certain places, whether for connectors at the end of the flex, or implanting SMD components or limiting the areas of curvature.
It can be placed on top, bottom or both on the same Flex.
It is thermally bonded with an adhesive.

S tiffener - Thicknesses available:

Polyimide:0.075 .. 0.25 mm
FR4: 0.3 .. 1.5 mm


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