Ink printing (marking)

The marking mainly identifies the components on the PCB. It also allows you to specify:

. Name, revision, manufacturer of the product
. Reference to the manufacturing batch (traceability).
. UL and Rohs compliance
. A unique number for each circuit with the incremental marking option

The inks used are permanent and non-conductive.
The markings are first printed then fixated in an oven (150°C - 60 mins).
Depending on the ink color, Taili-PCB uses a digital printer or stencils. . White or black marking: mini size of characters0.5 mm. Digital printing.
. Marking in other colors: mini size of characters0.8 mm. Markings made using stencils.
To be legible, markings must be positioned correctly. They must not spill on the elements of PCB (tracks, vias, pads, etc...), in which case they will not be visible.

Markings are available in the following colors :

-White -Yellow
- Black

Warning : For a marking readable, we advise you to consider the color of your soldermask.

Example : A white marking on a white soldermask will be difficult to read.


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