Micro-vias - Metallization

For micro- vias , metallization may be important on the minimum space between the holes.
x1: hole diameter before metallization.
y1: Space between holes before metallization.
x2: Finished hole diameter (after plating).
y2: Space inter-hole after metallization.
z: thickness of the metallization.
In the gerber, the holes are always specified in the finished hole diameter.
Hole diameter gerber:x2
Drilling diameter (after offset SAFE):x1
Warning: the minimum distance between holes(Fig VHH2 detail there.)Depends on the thickness of the metallization(Retail z Fig.VHH1 ).
In our example:
B1: FR4 before drilling.
B2: Drilling with compensation. Impossible because overlapping holes.
B3: Finished hole after metallization.


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