Panel design

The production of PCBs in series by automatic feeding systems (SMD robots) requires the paneling of circuits.

Our online ordering interface (website) allows you to configure and order PCBs assembled in panel with many options:

1 - Panel made of same PCBs (multiple) or different PCBs (mixed)
2 - Panel designed by safe or designed by customer
3 - With or w/o technical border - size selection
4 - With or w/o space between PCB - size selection
5 - PCBs separation (milling, V-cut, ...)

6 - Full or partial panel acceptance (X-out)

All this options are detailed in the following sub-menus

Panels maximum size:

FR4 : 750 x 500 mm

SMI : 650 x 500 mm

FLEX and RIGID-FLEX : 600 x 250 mm.


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