Panel full vs partial - X-out

Full panel - No X-out (Fig. PCP1.1)

All PCBs present on the panel did pass electrical test successfully . The panels are delivered with 100% usefull PCBs.

A surcharge is added to this option that requires to launch more panels to obtain the necessary quantity of panels without defects.

Partial panel - X-out accepted (Fig. PCP1.1)

The electrical test has detected a fault on one or many PCBs. The faulty PCBs are marked by a cross (white cross if soldermask is black, black cross on other soldermask colors). The panel is therefore incomplete.

During the production (components fitting), it requires to isolate the defective panel at the end of the process to avoid placing the components on the faulty PCBs.

To achieve the total quantity of PCBs ordered, "Taili-PCB" adds one or more additional panels to the delivery depending on the number of defective PCBs.

An order with more than 20% incomplete panels will not be delivered without customer agreement.

The incomplete panels option is selected by default..


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