Separation method

Depending on the mechanical characteristics of the PCB (shape, thickness qty, setting panel), we propose different methods of separation to obtain a quality result.

Taili "best choice" :

Our engineer selects the method of separation best suited for a quality result. For rectangular PCBs arranged on panel, scoring is always used by default.

Scoring / V-CUT - (Fig. PS1.1) :

For rectangular PCBs circuits mounted as panel.

Milling + post stamp - (Fig. PS1.2) :

For PCBs with complex external shape mounted as panel

Milling + scoring (V-CUT) - (Fig. PS1.3) :

For PCBs with complex external shape mounted as pane

Milling 100% - PCBs delivered as single - (Fig. PS1.4) :

This option can be useful for panels designed by the customers to optimize the material loss.

No separation:

No separation process (no milling, no scoring)


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