Stackup consists of the superimposition of layers of ccopper layers and insulator layers.

This operation requires compliance with a few essential design rules to ensure optimal quality of the PCB.
. Respect of the order of layers and stacking (standard: PP + Core + PP) or reversed: (Core + PP + Core)
. Type of Dielectric
. Copper thickness
. Total finished thickness of PCB
. Compliance with insulation thicknesses for controlled impedances (dielectric value)
. Balancing of the copper layers to avoid the effects of "twist" (card twist after hot pressing)

The choice of Stackup is very important in terms of EMC.
A well thought out Stackup not only minimizes radiation but also prevents the PCB from being disturbed by external noise.
It reduces the crosstalk and mismatched impedance problems.

Taili-PCB offers a standard STACKUP which is suitable for most applications, but you can configure your own stackup.
When quoting or ordering, choose whether the stackup is left free (SAFE), or specific and therefore mentioned in the file (GERBER), or even the one chosen using the online configurator (MANUAL)


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